For more than 15 years we develop and manage automated trading portfolios with proved consistent growth and satisfied customers from all over the world. Long term consistent growth of our strategies and portfolios portfolio value regardless of the direction of the markets.

Frans E.
Professional Trader

„Before I got in touch with Quantum Global, it was not easy for me to find serious and reliable system developer / provider with good performing systems and support. I made my own rigorous analysis of Quantum Global systems before I decided to add several of them to my trading portfolio and I was quite impressed. Performance metrics, which are important for me, fit my expectation and I recognised them as very good quality. After half year of trading them, I am satisfied with performance.

The support is excellent. Before subscribing I had many questions regarding their strategies and they were replied very well and very quickly. The support on technical issues is also very good. They take technical issues seriously, by looking into them, and return with a good solution. Very pleased with the support.“

Martin Matejka
Former Head of Power Trading at CEZ
(Czech Republic)

“I have been cooperating with Quantum Financial since 2018. I appreciate that guys from Quantum Financial, trade the systems on their money too and they have their own skin in the game. Thats why, I absolutely rely on them in the topic of managing algorithmic portfolio on my account. After 3 years of cooperation it is for me totaly handsfree and I am fully satisfied.”

Martin Lembak, CAIA, FRM
Trading systems’ portfolio analyst at Striker Securities and Lembros Commodity Advisors

Marek has been a professional quant trader for many years.I have had the privilege of monitoring his accounts in action since 2018. His systems are performing as some of the best I have ever monitored and executed. We have been tracking his trading systems in actual trading for about 5 years and they generally show very robust, stable and above average performance. Marek specializes in a portfolio approach via building algorithms for different markets, trading styles and timeframes. He works closely with trades to customize their portfolio selection based on their individual reward/ risk parameters. I have been in the trading industry since 2001 and worked with many developers from all over the world. Marek is definitely the one who is worth looking at.

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