About Us

During more than 12 years of research and development of trading systems, we value our customers’ investments. We continue to work on expanding our offer with new innovative trading products.

Identifying investment opportunities all around the world for more than 12 years

We are fully committed to the automated trading on world financial markets. We invested years in research and development of our investment products. We identify interesting investment opportunities every day. Our mission is to enable individual investors and traders to participate on these opportunities, continually, with managed risk the same way as big hedge funds.

Who we are

Our team

We are team of full time professionals traders and programmers. Each of us has more that 12 years of extensive discretionary or algo trading experience.

How it begun

We started with portfolio management for fund managers, algo developers from all around the world. During this cooperation we were creating and managing their portfolios and risk settings.

Our trading products

In 2015 we started working on the development of automated trading systems under our own roof with the aim of coming to our own fund after some time.

Continual improvements

We are continuously working or participating on many research projects which are bound with trading, system development, portfolio and risk management.

Our values always begin with risk management

Risk management

The risk is a mandatory component of successful trading. We take the risk seriously and we are completely transparent about it and publish risk characteristics to every our trading system and portfolio.

Stability and robustness

We only trade the most robust and stable systems that we develop. Our trading systems passed several stress tests and are being traded quietly first. After the testing period we lunch new products publicly and it becomes available to investors and traders.

Longterm investment

Instead of focusing on short term results, or a one-type market opportunity, our strategies are being built with long term outlook. Every our strategy have better and worse times, but they work great in combination – stable portfolios.

We are different

We trade, what we offer

We actively trade our systems with our own financial resources. Therefore, we can confidently recommend our services to our clients.

Relationship built on trust

We know that every investment decision require trust. The relationship with our clients is built on a long-term quality products and service.

100% hands-free

All the opening and closing orders or stop loss management is done by our automation. You trade completely automatically without having to touch trading.

Marek Chrastina

Head of Trading

Marek comes from Slovakia and has been involved in financial markets for more than 12 years. He is an experienced and driven business and trading professional with strong analytical and conceptual skills and an entrepreneurial spirit. Key areas of expertise include: risk and portfolio management, algorithmic trading.

Our key partners

We cooperate with key players in the money management and trading automation industry.