Automated Trading Systems

We monitor world financial market data and develop unique automated trading strategies to achieve stable returns in the long term and keep risk at the minimum possible level at the same time. We also personally trade using the strategies we offer.

What are automated trading strategies?

Automated strategies are represented by a piece of software. They are the result of our long term research and robust testing. This software runs on a server and watches the behaviour of market in real time. If the right conditions occur, the strategy generates a market order. These automated strategies run fully automatically. Successful strategies are combined into robust portfolios.

Our Strategies’ Key Parameters

Key parameters define our product standards. The strategies we have developed are subject to strict control and robust stress testing.

Long & Short

Our systems profit when markets rise or fall. The most important thing is that the markets move. No matter what direction.

Statistical Edge

Each of our successful strategies is built on a specific edge in the market, which we have identified during our research.

Stability & Robustness

There are thousands of systems that have worked in the past. We develop strategies that show strong probabilities of generating profits in response to uncertain future market behaviour.

Strategy Lifecycle

Each strategy has a its maximum risk by design. We continuously monitor and evaluate performance and behaviour over time. If a strategy significantly deviates from historical performance it is stopped.

Ongoing Maintenance

We continuously optimise our strategies and adapt to new conditions. Some strategies achieve significantly better results thanks to regular re-optimisation.

The Best From Every Market

Although there are automated systems that work well in multiple markets, most of our strategies use the specifics of specific futures markets.

Automated Trading Systems Selection

Our published systems are the premium selection of our system development production, which is much more wider. We trade live more than 120 systems.

Each of them has passed rigorous robustness testing and proved its ability to work well in changing markets. Choose the one which best fits your needs, or create a robust and well diversified portfolio with regards to your personal preferences.