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We combine the most successful automated trading strategies with low correlation into portfolios that have long-term suitable parameters, have a low correlation and comparable risk. Thanks to this, they consistently achieve a very interesting appreciation in the long term.

Performing well in most market situations

Out portfolios are built from uncorrelated proven strategies, trading in both directions,  long and short. We can profit in under any market conditions.

Higher risk adjusted profit than single strategy

Combination of multiple strategies in one portfolio brings more stable results and lower risk. Our studies show that multiple strategy based portfolio can have 6-8x higher risk adjusted profit.

Portfolios have much more stable results

Both strategies and portfolios undergoing more or less favorable conditions. By our research and experience, varied portfolios have smaller and shorter drawdowns and single strategies.

More positive months than single strategy

Suitably built portfolio have usually up to 35% more positive months than single trading strategy, because of the combination of multiple strategies.

    Please consider that single futures portfolio (calculated with 1 traded contract) max risk usually vary between $20k-$35k. So we recommend minimal account size $100k to trade any futures portfolio.