Traded Instrument Lean Hogs Futures
Average Annual Net Profit $ 6868
Average Monthly Net Profit $ 572
Max Historical Drawdown $ 7691
Sugested Minimal Capital $ 15000
Traded since 1 / 2019
Monthly fee $ 70

The presented final equity as well as all presented results are traded with one contract and incorporate transaction costs and slippage of $30 RT

This automated trading system can be part
of your balanced automated portfolio.

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Ogawa is powerfull and very robust swing trading system which developped to trade Lean Hogs Futures. It also performs well on several other markets.

It generates stable returns in long term with minimal drawdowns.

Ogawa was developped in early 2019 and successfully passed extensive and rigorous stress and robustness testing and prooved strong robustness and ability to adapt and generate profits on changing markets.

It was developed by professional money manager with more than 10 years trading experience. In development process he combine strengths and best practices from different concepts: „idea first“ and machine learning. Together with combination of experience in discretionary trading and ATS portfolio management with math background creates unbeatable synergy.

Get the Most from Systems trading and Benefit from Portfolio of Trading Strategies

Well diversified portfolio of trading systems is the best way how to get most from trading.

TOP benefits you can get from trading portfolio of strategies are:

► 6-8 times higher risk-adjusted profit
► Over 86% positive months and 98,5% positive quarters
► up to 35% more of positive months than single strategy
► much more stable results